Facilities and Equipment

    • An equipped kitchen with fridge and oven is available
    • Teas/coffees – the studio has a good selection of Pukka teas, which are regularly replenished. There is fresh coffee and always milk in the fridge.  We are happy to share these with classes and for people just to help themselves – all we ask is that the teachers replenish what they use.  This is more applicable to workshops and longer classes where refreshments often provide a nice, warm welcome drink.
    • There is an Oil Burner in the toilet – usually if the classes are early evening or during the day the office will light the burner and it does provide a lovely fragrance.  For weekends and other times the candles, oils, lighter etc., are all in the black bowl on the window sill and are there for the teachers to light. the candle burns for an hour and are safe to be left as it is a night light so does not need blowing out. The oils we burn are offered for sale- all monies just to go in the pot provided on the window sill.
    • Mats, blocks, bricks and blankets are available and can by used by all classes/workshops.
    • An additional selection of wool mats, cushions and rugs are available – should classes require these, they are available in the main top office. Teachers need to email us prior to class and we will certainly make them available.

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