Amelia Loulli

Amelia Loulli

Amelia Loulli is a Penrith based yoga teacher who has practised yoga in some form or another since the age of 17.  She credits it as the tool which has kept her going over the years spent raising her three lively children, teaching the piano, as well as working as a self-employed writer and actor.

“Yoga for me, is a way to both connect and separate – it helps me to connect with myself, with my family, my life, and the wider world, while also separating from all the busy-ness, the stresses, expectations and fears that can mount up along the way. My yoga practice has seen me face many changes and challenges in life, and at times yoga has been my one reliable constant. I love the way yoga can bring people peace and strength when they need it most, and also how much fun it is to explore the practice and postures and find out what we and our bodies are really capable of.

My Yoga Foundations classes for beginners aim to demystify yoga, breaking down the postures, exploring their health benefits, and helping us to really get to grips with how to make a pose work for you. Everybody is different, and the classes reflect this as I seek to help you find your best expression of yoga, for you and your body.

They are meant as an opportunity for everyone to give yoga a go, regardless of some of the things beginners tend to worry about, like how flexible they think they are, or how good their balance is. Yoga is about so much more than that, so knowing this, everyone can relax and have some fun trying new things. Also, if you make it to one of my workshops, you’ll find out yoga often involves cake! 🙂 ”

Contact Amelia for more class information, workshops, retreats, and one-to-one sessions:
07718 189809

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