Jules Burrell

Jules Burrell’s interest in tai chi grew from her deep love and practice of Acupuncture and chinese medicine. She has a thriving Acupuncture practise in Penrith and uses the weekly tai chi classes here at Soulands Studio to deepen the mind body awareness which is a key part of eastern medicine and philosophy.
She says tai chi is concerned with balance  contracting and relaxing muscles,  calming the emotions and quieting the thinking mind. By moving through a series of external exercises we begin to develop the ability to move softly, calmly and quietly.  Training in this way also releases the constrictions in the energy pathways, allowing a smooth and natural flow and circulation within the body. 
We meet  at Soulands Studio 6:30pm to 8pm each Monday to practise together and deepen our connection to tai chi.  We begin with a 5 loosening methods before moving onto the Cheng Manqing 37 move short form and finish each class with a short meditation.
No previous experience or special clothing needed,  just wear loose comfortable clothing.
Come and join us on a Monday evening for an introduction to tai chi and an exploration into a deeper way of listening to the body. 
Cost: £7. For further information contact Jules Burrell MBAcC on 07890 197 759.

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